Our Advantage

Benefits for the Property Host

  • Zero out of pocket capital outlay!
  • Convert rooftops and land from a non-earning asset to one that can generate a consistent and repeating revenue source for its owner
  • Design and engineer a net-metering scenario that can save on each tenant’s utility bill
  • Minimum risk for PV solar production failure… solar provides up to 4 hours per day of generation usage… strategically during peak operating hours
  • The benefit of partnering with a major energy investor provides assurances that we will honor our commitments in meeting project obligations.
  • The economic useful life for a Photovoltaic project is over 25 years… knowing the roof is relatively sound can add substantially to reduce our concerns regarding our joint economics.
  • The rooftop rental and/or energy savings require a long term commitment… a minimum of 15 years.

Our co-development partners are unregulated subsidiaries of major utilities, product manufacturers, energy project investors and energy service subsidiaries of major oil companies. Their financial strength and energy expertise are the primary reasons PowerLease has formed these alliances!


  • Traditionally, most developers for solar and other types of renewable energy projects enter into long-term Power Purchase Agreements. The developer then goes to lenders who monetize the contract. The benefit to the customer is that they can save a percentage of their usage each year.
  • One meaningful way to differentiate us from the competition is to install systems on the utility side of the meter. One year ago, the BPU – State of New Jersey approved Independent Power Producers to hook up on the utility side of the meter. The rules are now being drafted.