Community Energy Strategies

Our Value Added Service

PowerLease has a unique 6 year interplay experience with HOAs +55 communities (both condo and single family residential types) to provide each resident a forward “three-year fixed price” for every kilowatt hour consumed. When added to the delivery charges, this savings will be less than the current market price. We have no knowledge that this offer is being offered anywhere in the USA.

Why Senior Living Facilities?

Trustees have a unique relationship with its members.

Typically they conduct a practical and business-like evaluation regime to weigh pluses and minuses to each strategy proposal.

Trustee members have an extraordinary backgrounds that meet a balanced and valuable perspective.

Our Process

Our strategic approach begins with a thorough analysis of your project.

Accumulate and analyze the community utility bills (PLS)

Review of buildings, lighting and HVAC systems by our Audit Partner

Review local permitting requirements (PLS)

Review local municipal filing requirements plus the application with the host utility.

Submit a comprehensive Strategy Study for Trustee review and acceptance.

With the results, we will be able to adjust the PV solar sizing for each roof
or ground-mount type installation in order not to oversize the PV system.

Typically there is an effort to focus only on PV solar with no emphasis
on what is really going on within the Community.