Energy Savings for Commercial and Industrial Clients

PLSS serves as a turn-key provider for a range of energy services

Lighting Controls

Procurement Expertise

Gas Powered Alternate Electric Generation

Rooftop PV Solar Solutions

HVAC Evaluation

Our process begins with a core Enegry Audit

Start with a free non-binding review of your current energy usage and opportunities to save.


Start with a free non-binding Professional Audit

It is impossible to engineer a lighting retrofit solution without a
comprehensive audit. The audit is, in part, to inventory the current interior
and exterior electric lighting appliances.
A good audit should allow us to simulate your facility environment
Based on an exhaustive collection of data.
The adage “garbage in, garbage out” is very apropos for each and every
Expect efficient retrofits to originate in a variety of sources within an organization

Select the Right Partner by using the following KEYS
Experience in energy savings strategies

Technology Expertise in using lighting and controls

Be aware about sole-manufacturer product offerings

Is the company a turn-key solution provider?

Design and Build credentials for each energy savings activity

Does the Partner know the State by State Rebates and Tax Incentives

Does your Partner provide Post Warranty Support


The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages, but let’s

Take a closer look at both…

Lower Energy Bill, Energy Savings up to 70%
Lowers Operating and Maintenance Costs
Increases Lighting Quality
Less Heat Emitted with LEDs
Less “light pollution” with LEDs
Payback on average is 2 to 3 years
Improved light improves security
Rebate Incentives